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BA (Hons) Interior Design

Course Leader:

Laoura Englezou


Staff Team:

Antonis Anagnostidis

Joveria Baig

Kristina Bonnington

Paul Bretherton

Owain Caruana Davies

Nerma Cridge

Rentaro Nishimura

Dragan Pavlovic

Sophie Ungerer

Céleste Williams

BA (Hons) Interior Design


We believe that good interior design positively affects everyday lives and well-being, and is of vital importance in a changing world.

The BA (Hons) Interior Design programme at Regent’s aims to prepare students for a creative and professional career in the area of interior design, allowing them to gain a deep understanding of built spaces and to design for people and their needs. As our students develop design knowledge and skills, creativity and confidence, they are challenged to leave behind preconceived solutions and embark on their personal creative journey as a designer.


'All the World's a Stage'

This year’s graduates set out to explore Bankside, a part of London stretching along the south bank of the River Thames. Steeped in history and mystery, the area has undergone significant transformation over the last decades. Contemporary life and history exist side by side, as the spires of Southwark Cathedral rise next to the Shard. The hidden inns, which used to house travellers too late to enter the city itself (or keen to conduct business outside its gates), are now filled with tourists and commuters, creatives and city bankers. 


Our overriding theme for the year was ‘performance’. Wandering around Bankside ‘performance’ is everywhere – from the market stall holders selling their goods, the stock markets performing well or badly, to the traces of the theatre which first put on William Shakespeare’s plays or the memories of the Bear Pits.


Since 2020, the pandemic has forced us to question the notion of what form a performance might take, but also tested how we, as a society, perform in a stressful and unprecedented situation. In their final design projects, the students have interpreted performance in their own way in their inventive and personal design briefs.


This exhibition showcases the beautiful design proposals that emerged, re-inventing a new life for the former Menier Chocolate Factory.



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